C.A.G.E. Theatre Company

Bringing a modern flair to the classics of time.

Classical. Avant-Garde. Experimental.

On Thursday, March 8th at 7 pm, C.A.G.E. Theatre Company is a part of the ShakesCon Showcase with:
The Fights of Two Gentlemen of Verona!

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The Center at West Park
165 West 86th Street

Cast List:
Dylan J. Sampson​ - Valentine 
Daniel Pascale​ - Proteus
Rachel Weekley​ - Silvia
Michael Whitten​ - Thurio
Sam Lopresti​ - Speed \ Sir Eglamour
Kat Moreno​ - Outlaw #1
Rebecca Robinson Overholt​ - Outlaw #2
Xavier Rodney​ - Outlaw #3
Rich Wisneski​ - The Duke of Milan
Vanessa Wendt​ - Julia 

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